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We've updated all patterns and size specs for our cheap soccer uniforms jersey shirts to meet current trends and more closely resemble our inline selection of soccer uniforms. As a result, although the style and design of our sublimated uniforms may appear similar to previous years, we've given all models new article numbers to distinguish them from the older styles. Please take care when ordering fill-ins for orders from previous years to use the old article number and reference the original order number if you expect the same fit. If ordering based on the new article number please be sure to size correctly using specs and/or samples from the new line, rather than samples produced under the old article numbers or inline uniforms. We're sure you will enjoy the new fit and styling and definitely want to help reduce confusion as you transition from the old to the new! Please reach out to your sales rep or customer service with any questions about the changes to the sublimated soccer program.Your soccer jerseys are created according to your exact specifications. Choose your own design, colors, texts and add any logos. All for no extra cost.More...

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Customized soccer jerseys designed in our 3D kit designer

Easy to use printing process where all colours Designer

Sublimation is a printing process where all colours, including body colour, accent colours, team names, logos and individual player numbers are dyed directly into the fabric of the Replica jerseys shirt. The result is a cheap nfl jerseys that weighs less and wears better. Decoration on the fake jersey will not crack, peel or fade over time. The fabric maintains its stretch and wicking capabilities resulting in a better performing cheap jersey shirt. Sublimation is a four colour process allowing for the printing of complicated logos and multi-colour team names and player numbers. adidas sublimated uniforms feature “all in” pricing - meaning you can add association and sponsor names and/or logos without adding cost.

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Please note that adidas sublimated uniforms are manufactured at the adidas manufacturing facility in Paris, Ontario and must be ordered through adidas team customer service at fax: 519-752-5214 e-mail: teamorders@adidas-group.com or visit cheap jersey for sale STEP 1- CHOOSE YOUR UNIFORM STYLE, GENDER AND SIZES See individual sport sections for specific styles, genders and sizes available. STEP 2 - CHOOSE YOUR DESIGN & COLOURS See individual sport sections for specific designs available. All sublmated fabrics start as white and are 100% polyester. Custom designs are available. Please contact us for a quote.

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*To ensure an accurate colour match, please refer to our adidas fabric swatches. Custom colours are available, additional charges apply. STEP 3 - CHOOSE YOUR FABRIC (If applicable) See Individual sport sections for specific fabric availability. For a complete listing of fabrics, see page 155. In most cases, there Is a choice of several different fabric options for each uniform. However, selected football uniforms are only available in fabrics as designated. These situations are identified in the description of the specific uniform style. STEP 4 - CHOOSE YOUR TRIM COLOURS (If applicable) Many sublimated cheap jerseys feature “knit” or rib” trim offerings for the neck and/or armhole openings. These trims, where available, are identified in the description of the style. See Page 156 for the complete offering of knit and rib trims, patterns and colours.

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Our cheap jerseys clothing is made completely from china, ensuring our customers premium quality and our workers outstanding working conditions

Order any Quantity

Whether one kit or ten thousand, we'll produce any quantity. Thanks to our streamlined German production technology, your gear will be delivered right on time

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With owayo, you can design your own soccer kit, exactly the way you want. Individual player names and numbers, multicolor crests and even high-resolution photos are all possible and included in the price

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When it comes to the manufacture of our apparel, we do not cut corners. Meticulous attention to detail is given to make each of our products - perfect for both amateur and professional players alike

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Create your own soccer kit

Individual Soccer Jerseys are our specialty. To help speed up the process of getting your hands on your own soccer jerseys, we've come up with a few tips.

Here's how to make your own soccer jerseys

Design your own football jerseys - your very own kit in three steps.

  • Open our 3D Designer and pick your desired product.
  • Pick and choose between numerous designs and over 50 colors.
  • Place your logos, texts and sponsors where you want on the jersey.


The process of sublimation includes the printing of team name, numbers and logos. Choose one of our stock fonts and/or logos or email your logo along with your order. Art files must be sent in vector format in Adobe Illustrator (eps or ai) CS3 or lower, also ensure that all fonts used have been converted to curves. For proofing purposes, please include a .JPG of any Images submitted. If you are unable to provide artwork in the correct format, please forward the mage to be used and we will provide an estimate of our charge to format it correctly. If you would like to use your own font for player names and numbers please provided a font file (ttf, .otf)


You must not submit any names, words, or phrases which include trade marks which are owned by someone else, and which might therefore infringe someone's trade mark or other intellectual property right. You must confirm that you are legally entitled to authorize us to make the products you have ordered, together with all designs, names, logos, symbols, Images or other material (collectively, "Content") that you have submitted for inclusion in the products. You must confirm that all clearances, releases, permits and consents necessary for you to use the Content and place this order with us as requested herein have been obtained, and that the use of any Content does not (and will not) infringe, misappropriate or violate the rights of any person, place or entity, and is not otherwise unlawful. Similarly, adidas does not accept any combinations of words, symbols, or mages which are otherwise unlawful, threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic, or profane. adidas reserves the right to reject any order you place for non-compliance with the above. FABRIC CHART Frasrics usep IN SUBLIMATED GARMENTS NOTE: Al fabrics start as white. Fabrics used in manufacture of custom cut & sew garments are listed in the individual sport sections adjacent to the product offerings. Please see the individual sport section for availability of fabric by style.

+ Lightweight soft mesh fabric


18 100% polyester « Used mainly in Track & Field jerseys

. + Lightweight easy comfort mini mesh

19 100% micropolyester + Used for cimacool® ventilation B

+ Heavy ter fabric

20 | 100% polyester I pos . the

+ Interlock fabric

30 100% polyester + Used mainly in Soccer and Track & Field jerseys CLIMALITE®

+ Treated for enhanced moisture wicking cimalite®

+ Lightweight fabric with wicking


3 100% polyester « Treated for enhanced moisture wicking cimalite® CUMALTE®

« Mini waffle knit pattern

32 | 100% polyester . Soft fabric rinum comfort CLIMALITE®

« Clima’ lightweight fabric with ripstop’ textured finish

45 100% polyester « Used for both court and field sports that involve minimal contact CLIMA?

+ Treated for enhanced moisture wicking climalite®

« Striped interlock fabric

46 | 100% polyester + Used mainly in Soccer CLIMALITE®

« Treated for enhanced moisture wicking cimalite®

« Heavyweight knit fabric

50 100% polyester + Durable yet comfort next to the skin

+ Used mainly in Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Lacrosse & Rugby

+ Mid-weight twill fabric

52 100% polyester . Sturdy fabric with good durability

+ Used for Hockey covers & Rugby shorts

85% polyester « Midweight 4 way stretch mesh knit fabric

55 15% spandex « Cut and snag resistant (Extremely tough against Velcro)

+ Used for Hockey & Rugby

| + Heavyweight mesh fabric with excellent stretch

65 100% ester + Used mainly in Football and Lacrosse

« Mid-weight knit fabric


67 100% polyester + Used mainly in Baseball, Softball, Hockey & Lacrosse

« Clima lightweight ‘birdseye’ fabric with excellent stretch

68 100% polyester + Used for both court and field sports that involve minimal contact CLIMA'

+ Treated for enhanced moisture wicking climalite®

« Clma3’ heavyweight ‘birdseye’ fabric with excellent stretch

69 100% polyester + Used where durability is important; Baseball, Softball, Hockey, Lacrosse & Rugby CLIMAS

+ Treated for enhanced moisture wicking climalite®

70 100% Nylon « Mid-weight fabric with shiny finish

*White 100% polyester | Used mainly in Basketball

« Heavyweight fabric with shiny finish & excellent stretch

82 100% polyester + Used mainly in Football & Lacrosse

+ Treated for enhanced moisture wicking climalite®

859, ester + Extremely stretchable fabric

Q?2 oo poly + Designed to be used in form fitted jerseys

o spandex «Used mainly in Women's Volleyball and Women's Track & Field


« Double Layer (shorts only)

« Add Collar/Colour (volleyball only)

« Player's Names by size

« Reinforced Elbows (hockey only - where available)

+ Fight Tabs (hockey only - where available)

« Lace Neck (hockey and box lacrosse only - where available)

« Long Sleeves (where available), Rib cuff colour (where available)

« Double Sleeves (box lacrosse only - where available)

« Gusset/Colour (basketball, hockey & soccer [AS52] jerseys only - where available

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